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Olive & Bette's

Olive and Bette's - Do Not Disturb Towel


 Whether you’re lying on the beach catching some rays or napping on a beach chair covered in your towel to protect yourself from too much sun, these “Do Not Disturb” quick dry beach towels say “let me relax in peace!” in a cute catch phrase. These microfiber towels are super lightweight, absorb lots of water, and dry out fast as the microfiber technology wicks away moisture to be evaporated. They are also sand-free, which means you can easily shake away the sand and dry yourself. Ordinary beach towels cling to sand when they get damp, are bulky and heavy, so they absorb more water. Don’t weigh yourself down with a big, bulky beach towel! Quick-dry beach towels are so lightweight, you’ll barely notice you’re carrying it.