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Boho Chic- the ANTI Quiet Luxury taking over for Spring.

🌼 Boho-Chic is back with a vengeance.

♻️ This re-cycled trend is the Antithesis of quiet luxury.

🐞 Now, thanks in large part to Chloé, bohemian dressing is making a bold comeback.

🙋‍♀️ Are you on board with the the second coming of bohemian style?

😳 Don’t be afraid to at least tie up a pair of wrap sandals .

😎 Fashion is supposed to be fun – experiment and bring a little boho into your life! Maybe it’s time to dig out those tie-dye pieces you kept from the early ’00s.

🆕 And if boho isn’t your thing, don’t worry! There will always be something new next season!

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