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Venay, Founder of Felicite Apparel. 

Felicite means happiness. I find my felicite in creating the highest quality garments at the best price. 

My career started 15+ years ago in New York City, the heart of the fashion industry. After successfully launching over 30 ready-to-wear brands, I had acquired the knowledge, connections and inspiration to create my own collection.

The Vision: to spread happiness by empowering every woman to look and feel her best.

And Felicite was born!

Every garment we make represents our commitment to positive change on the environment and workplace. Fabrics have been sourced from around the globe, ensuring the highest quality available, and most pieces are proudly handcrafted in beautiful Downtown Los Angeles.

My goal is that every piece you purchase from Felicite is your favorite. I want women to know they don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. I want a manufacturing process that protects the planet and rebuilds the American fashion industry. And I want to continue building on these practices in the spirit of "felicite". 

Make a difference with what you wear

xo VG

Venay Gordon
Founder. Designer. Activist.

  • Felicite - Boyfriend Maxi Dress - Neutral


      ***The White Maxi Dress is slightly transparent   When I wear the WHITE dress I wear it over a bathing suit, because the white is sheer. More of ...

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