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LOVED Collection

Look GREAT while doing GOOD.

The LOVED Collection is a passion project after COVID. A portion of the sales go to support anxiety and depression research at University of Pennsylvania Center for Anxiety.

During Covid…I would meet friends and family to  walk, hike or bike. We were all feeling anxious. 

But exercise - Walking & Talking,  Sweating and Bitching -  Helped. 

We could walk next to…or behind each other. 

Bike next to or behind each other.

And not really have to look each other in the eyes. It seemed easier to be honest and open when you didn’t have to look at each other.

So we designed sweatshirts…they say LOVED.

LOVED on the back…so you can see it when you are behind me.

LOVED on the wrist…so that you can see it if I’m holding your hand.

LOVED on the arm…so that you can see it if I’m walking next to you.

LOVED on the inside…so that even if I leave it on the bathroom floor…you are reminded that you are LOVED.

Thankful. Grateful. Blessed. 


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