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Packing List - Paris

Packing A Carry ON for a big city trip…Isn’t easy.

So I pack…LAYERS

If you plan to see the sights…go to the Museums & Eat Delicious cafe food (Escargots are my FAVORITE)

Here is your packing list:

Grey Cropped Skinny Denim Jean
Faux Leather Pants
White Destroyed Loose Fit Jeans

Camisole (to wear day & night) This one is cotton…It won’t wrinkle when packed
Concert Tee
White T-Shirt (This one with holes is fashion forward for The City of Lights)

Sweatshirt—This one Saves Lives!
Faux Leather Puffer Coat—The forecast is 55 and Sunny

A cashmere wrap for the Plane that doubles as a scarf
Fingerless gloves…So that I can use my phone to snap pics of my TRIP!

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